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Your  support is providing a great offer or coupon get a FREE ad in our Lifestyle Savings Book. We publish and sell 10,000 copies each edition and the proceeds go to help support 2-3 Great causes in our communities.  Your business support is helping to feed thousands of hungry kids each week, and house, feed, and clothe hundreds of homeless families each month!
The books are sold through dozens of local churches each year to raise the funds, so the consumer wins, the non-profit wins, and YOU win with great support and a FREE ad. 

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Personal care services
Home services
Personal Care / Health

Lifestyle Savings Book offers an incredilbe opportunity for merchants to get in front of the highest target audience....The customer who pays for your ad! Since we dont charge an advertising rate per ad...instead your ad spot is FREE...Space is limited and we operate on a first come, first  serve basis! 
Helpful information 
  • Each ad spot is FREE. (there is a nominal $68 graphics, design &  printing fee per spot)
  • Ad size is 1.75 x 4.75
  • each ad is a front and back side
  • each advertiser is updated on new fundraisers using the book as they are implemented
  • every new edition or 10,000 prints the merchant may reserve new space and change their ad design
  • each advertiser is limited from 1 spot (front & back)  up to 4 spots (front & back)
  • Once a market is open it takes 3-5 weeks to fill the book with coupon space
  • Merchants can design their own ad...its recommended...but not required..we offer graphics help
  • send your ad design for proofing to [email protected]
  • If your market area is not open yet and you would like to see us start in your area...please send us an email or contact us through the contact us page and we can line up some sales people right away. You may also know someone that is looking for a great opportunity.
  • To get started go to our locations page to find the contact person in your area and they will be happy to work with you on your ad campaign.   
Become a sponsor of each edition of 10,000 books in your market area!
You may sponsor the Front page, Front inside, Back page, or inside Back page.

Supporting Our Local Community Needs

Lifestyle Savings Book
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